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Nix Davies

March 5th 2024 - From thunder storms come rainbows.

March 5th 2024 - From thunder storms come rainbows.

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A4 size, acrylic on watercolour paper.

To watch how this artwork was made click here.

Rainbows are the light magic that remind us that there is always a possibility of magnificence on the other side of chaos.

Nix has created this with a meditative perspective of the awe and wonder of being alive, waking up for one more magnificent day and all it will bring. It was done with a mindset and heart curiosity of abundance, human potential, healing, radical transformation and exponential possibilities and love.

If you buy this Artwork ahead of time it will cost GBP25, on the day and after the price will increase to GBP45.

There is zero risk to purchasing this ahead of time as you are guaranteed a 100% refund if you do not like the artwork. 

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