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Creativity is simply problem solving.

Problem solving is ability to think up new solutions.

New solutions require imagination.

Where are you on your creative journey?

We are all innately creative, we were born this way and over time we get conditioned through family, society, communities to conform to systems that promise to lead us perceptions of success. This can often leave us feeling fearful of stepping into the unknown and trying something new.

Nix is super passionate about establishing creativity in our lives in a practical, no-nonsense manner delivered with insightful life philosophy and sense of humour.

Nix invites you to browse and buy art from various series through this site.

Over the coming weeks she will be launching her online course and coaching opportunities.

Nix Davies

Hey there, thank you for taking the time to be here. You are so appreciated.

I call myself a collaborative conceptual artist, meaning my medium is ideas and I bring people together to breathe the idea to life.

I am also fascinated with process; the way things emerge into being.

I am super excited to bring my educator and facilitator self to this medium soon. I feel like I am setting a big part of my being free to live its full potential.

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