This is a series of artworks that are released each day for a year starting on 29th February 2024.

They are daily meditations on the wonder of being alive, abundance, love and connection, pondering the philosophies of human potential, exponentiality, limitless possibility and radical transformation.

This process of turning up each day and creating from this state is a quest that brings one's future to the present moment and in doing so enables unexpected surprises to emerge in way one could never imagine.

By purchasing a painting ahead of time, the owner of the artwork has bought into the unknown, therefore experiencing what the artist experiences. They are in community, the buyer pulling the artist towards her future and the artist pouring wonder and awe into the artifact that can be a portal for possibility in the buyer's life.

Reserve your artwork before the day and SAVE!

You get rewarded for investing in the unknown. The price goes up from the day the artwork is made.

There is ZERO risk. If you do not like you artwork you can get a FULL REFUND.

You can also COLLABORATE with the Nix, the artist, asking for your own words or colour palette.

Nix Davies

Hey there, thank you for taking the time to be here. You are so appreciated.

I call myself a collaborative conceptual artist, meaning my medium is ideas and I bring people together to breathe the idea to life.

I am also fascinated with process; the way things emerge into being.

To Infinity & Beyond is a journey where I paint one painting a day in a meditation beyond any limiting beliefs and attempt to be in pure potentiality. Anyone who participates in reserving a day's painting becomes indirectly entangled in my process, urging me on. Helping me to stay accountable to myself, my becoming and the world.

This feels so good to be doing. It sets my heart on fire, and makes me smile inside and out; it transforms me in the moment. I am so curious of how these collected moments will show themselves a year from now.

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