Howl from Your Heart

Navigating the wilderness of our spirit requires us to trust our instincts. To fully trust we must step confidently into the unknown. It is here, in this mysterious in-between that we are able to wondrously unravel our hearts to expose their true nature. We recognize the brilliance of our passions and through self-love open our hearing and obey their call. So we take a deep breath, point our heads to the sky and HOWL, releasing the request uttered from the depths of our hearts. We howl that we may receive our truth … the location of the path that will lead us to our hearts desire.

The Wolfkop Howling Wolf is a collaboration between Conceptual Artist Nix Davies and Entrepreneur Free Spirited Traveller Werner Rontgen. The Howling Wolf has been created in the exact same context as the philosophy it holds. It started with giant steps into the unknown from both parties, much enthusiasm and trust of a small idea that grew into a majestic wonder of ‘How the hell did we get here?’

The structure is made of Port Jackson (an Alien Species invading the farms in the area), tarred twine (usually used for thatching) and rope. Different sizes of Port Jackson poles were sourced from different farms. The structure was created one crooked stick at a time, much like the lines of a drawing. Each stick was chosen to suit its place in the sculpture, with some bending in the right areas and others being perfectly straight for their chosen space. It was originally planned to simply be a gate that people would enter, however, has turned into a large-scale landscape artwork. This is a direct reflection of two people who believe in unlimited possibilities and the purpose of life being choosing the freedom to spend our days doing what we love.

The viewer enters the sculpture through the shape of a heart into the inner atrium of the wolf’s head. The heart represents both the space where the body is connected to the head and the decision to listen and adhere to ones inner voice. Above the viewer in the head is the symbol of infinity, resembling not only the logo of Wolfkop but also the choice to explore the exponential freedom of our minds. The viewer walks out the mouth of the sculpture over a staircase; the tongue of the wolf becoming their own authentic HOWL.

The viewer always has a choice to interact with their environment; this is consistent with all of Nix’s large-scale collaborations. The emphasis being on the fact that the more one interacts with their environment from a point of personal truth, the more one receives through the experience, interactions and memories that create a powerful, unique and exceptional life.


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Nix Davies

"Through the mystery of navigating the unknown we are able to wondrously unravel our hearts to expose their true nature.“

Nix Davies is a collaborative, conceptual artist that explores possibilities that arise from consciously stepping into and existing in the unknown. She creates and produces large-scale experiential spaces, events and artworks that ordinarily are impossible to create alone. Nix initiates, instigates and ignites concepts by establishing a platform that require others to step up, risk, interact and belong to the process alongside her. This requires Nix to co-create; manage individuals and groups; and produce an over all piece of work by consciously making or facilitating a series of choices of best possible solutions for specific moments.

Nix often embarks on ‘life installations’ that showcase the emerging and developing of concepts along an ordinarily unknown journey. It is while living and navigating these spaces that she breathes ideas to life.

  • Nix Davies is the founder of The School Of Innovation.
  • Nix ran a collaborative, changing, working space called Let There Be Light in Woodstock for four years at the Woodstock Industrial Centre and Side Street Studios.
  • Nix has recently moved to a farm outside Citrusdal in the Western Cape where she has created Howl from Your Heart and the Hexagon Ceremonial Space.


Nix Davies Conceptual Artist

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