H A R V E S T was started in December 2012. It begun in a space that was unknown, undecided, undefined and  unlimited. The process of conceptualising from this place was documented to show case how ideas are born, nutured and released. This vulnerable position of exposing early unfinished concepts was counteracted with the process and philosophy of giving in abundance.

THE BANQUET has been the outcome of H A R V E S T a collaborative, inclusive and interactive art installation based around food and provenance.

This blog picks up where I left off last year and showcases the ideas; philosophies; products; artworks; and the wonderful people who have become the family and home of this event

The next BANQUET is on Thursday 6th March.

Tickets can be bought here

How to build a Rocket

Written by Nix Davies on .

Thirty to fifty days to harvest.... fire up the engines... these pots are going to explode!

how to build a rocket

Mielie Philosophy

Written by Nix Davies on .

A retired farmer replied to my question 'How long does it take to harvest a mielie from the time that you sow the seed?'

'One hundred days.'

It got me thinking... what could I harvest in one hundred days if I started today?... And took the time to water, nuture and love that new beginning? 

I did this last year, 2013, for the first time, by planting my mielies and watching them growing. I love watering them, it gives me time to consider all the other things I am starting and wanting to manifest in 2014.

This year I planted a small crop in a corner section of my lawn. Last year I made a make-shift bed for them.

harvest mielie shooting up through the grass

ugly flowerbed

Crop Circles

Written by Nix Davies on .

A rooftop inspiration and collaboration with Elad Kirshenbaum

A begginning, the concepts are flowing exponentially!

crop circles


Begin Anywhere

Written by Nix Davies on .

Just Turn Up. Start.

This is our lives. Begin in the direction you would like it to end.

Pure magnificence! .... this journey.


One Hundred

Written by Nix Davies on .

How many seeds does one seed make?... if sown.



A Tiger in my Mielies

Written by Nix Davies on .

Cheeky!! Caught eating my mielie seedlings. Stocky the cat.


Peaceful Green

Written by Nix Davies on .

Green is a need. Its represents our counterpart, plants. I'm finding it makes my life shine! I'm searching for the peaceful green to paint a section of the studio.


Drying Herbs

Written by Nix Davies on .

Dry your own.

drying herbs

Rocket Eggs

Written by Nix Davies on .

Rocket seedlings in egg shells. Calcium rich rocket???

rocket eggs


Written by Nix Davies on .

So wonderful to watch! Growth inside the ugly flowerbed.

meiliegrowth flowerbed

Mint at Home

Written by Nix Davies on .

Mint, birds, cloudy skies.

mint birds

Eight Herbs from Nats' Garden

Written by Nix Davies on .

I love Natalie's garden. I know the code to get in so sometimes her and Rich will come home to find me lying on the grass, usually means it's time for a glass of wine! Right now the Flame Lilies are beginning to flower - one of my all time favorites. Thanks for letting me harvest Thyme; Rosemary; Sage; Marjoram; Lemon Grass; a couple of Onions & Violas .... inculding some chamomile I had from before.

eight new herbs

From the Sea

Written by Nix Davies on .

Cycles of life.




Written by Nix Davies on .

Think Africa. Think HOME.